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Viking, CFO
(Chief Furry Officer)

We are consistently seeking further, to offer products that are not simply found in mass supply. We began in 2007 and continue to strive to offer an assortment of economical merchandise that seems to be extra special, unique and may not commonly be located in chain stores. The abundant variety of products, allow you to choose from earth friendly items to moderate or extravagant! We are constantly evolving to accommodate, our ever changing environment ~

In addition to our retail site, we sell wholesale to dog boutiques, specialty boutiques, salons, facilities with waiting lounges, doggy day-care centers, veterinary clinics, groomers and more. For information on purchasing from us wholesale, please visit the Wholesale section of our website for further-deTAIL's to enhance your business!

Our products make great birthday, holiday, special occasion and sentimental gifts. We hope you enjoy 'Sniffing Around' our loving site and FETCH something special for your Poochie-Pal♥ We feel as thoughour generations have modernized, andLOVADOG inspires all to acknowledge... That a Dog is a Man's 'AND' Woman's Best Friend.Thecompanionship that a dogbrings, is an indescribableconnection of True & Unconditional LOVE.

Our corporation LOVADOG, Inc. and LOVADOG.com is dedicated to providingthe utmostdevotion to our customers, and their BFF's (Best Furry Friends). We humbly respect and value your business, not only today... but in the FUR'ever years ahead ~

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